Buddy Tape
 For High Performance Grafting. Swift and Easy Operation


Buddy Tape comes in a 40 metre conveniently rolled form with 2 widths (18mm and 25mm).

  • Each 18mm roll is not perforated.
  • Each 25mm roll contains 1000 perforated sections each 40mm.
  • Stretches easily. Buddy Tape can be stretched up to 6 times its original length.
  • Self-adhesion activated when stretched.
  • Shrinks to fit after application.

Swift and Easy Operation.

  • Buddy Tape's elasticity and self-adhesive quality eliminates the tying step in the traditional grafting process.
  • Buddy Tape is perforated for easy handling.
  • Buddy Tape biodegrades in 5 to 6 months, thereby eliminating the need for tape removal.

Use of Buddy Tape for grafting helps yield a high success rate, with consistently taller young plants.

  • Buddy Tape holds the grafted area securely.
  • Buddy Tape protects the grafted area from drying out and cold weather, yet still allows it to breathe.
  • Young sprouts simply break through Buddy Tape, eliminating the need to remove the tape.
  • Buddy Tape is for above ground grafting and budding.

Friendly to the environment.

  • Buddy Tape is unharmful to the environment. It is made of olefin resins and biodegrades in sunlight.
    Click here for instructions on how to use Buddy Tape.
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